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Need a fresh topic for your next team meeting, complex meeting, broker dealer conference, regional meeting, or national conference that not only strikes a chord but leaves the audience motivated, entertained and inspired to be better versions of themselves?


We will customize our topics to fit exactly what you need. We can design our material into a keynote, workshop or webinar. And, we actually deliver the content we agree upon without hardcore selling from the platform. 


Productivity is on the mind of every advisor. You want more. You struggle to get it. And it shows up in every corner of your life. This common thread for advisors makes for a vibrant topic that can be molded to cover referral productivity through getting more out of your day.


Check out some of our most popular sessions below. Let us know what resonates with you and we’ll UNCORK the possibilities! 




  • STOP Self-Sabotaging Your Referral Process!

Did you know that 80% of financial advisors have no real referral strategy?  When you have no strategy you end up shooting from the hip. That results in self-sabotaging your referral process without even knowing it.  This session addresses five destructive or obstructive actions that are negatively impacting your ability to get more referrals. It’s time to get out of your own way.


  • How To Get More From Your COIs

Are you tired of investing time and money into centers of influence that are only one sided? In this session, you’ll learn why that happens and how to fix it. In addition, you’ll learn how to choose the right centers of influence and leave with five steps to activate reciprocity.


  • I’m OK, You’re a Complete Mystery! How to build a culture of productive relationships

Incredibly, 20-40% of people you meet are not comfortable with you and another 15% don’t really like you at all. What’s WRONG with these people? Actually, nothing. Discover the owner’s manual for human beings…DiSC. Surpass the golden rule and  learn the PLATINUM RULE that makes relationship magic happen, both internally and externally! The doors to communication will open wide and collaborative relationships will be waiting on the other side.


  • My Clients Love Me, So Why Don’t They Refer Me?

As a successful financial advisor, you probably have loads of clients who love you. That’s great! But how many of those wonderful clients actually refer you? In this session, you’ll uncover the pattern that causes this stalemate. You’ll learn which clients are the best to ask for referrals and discover the secret to perfectly timing your “ask” for referrals with just the right language.


  • Stand Out And Do What Others Don’t Do To Succeed

Networking got you down? Tired of not getting what you want from networking? Only 29% of the population is doing what’s necessary to be exceptionally successful at networking.  Discover what you can do to get into that 29% and more importantly stay there! This session highlights Michelle’s Wall Street Journal Best Selling Book, The 29% Solution.


  • But I Might Need It Some Day

A lack of productivity can cost you a lot of money.  Imagine being able to find things when you need them…not 3 weeks later. Increase your bottom line and morale and decrease the stress and frustration of disorganization. Uncover the complete process on how to get organized.


  • STOP Self-Sabotaging Your Productivity

Get out of your own way!  Self-sabotaging your productivity means that you are in some way performing destructive or obstructive actions that are preventing you from being as efficient and effective as you possibly can be. This session specifically addresses how you sabotage yourself from getting more done and (angel’s singing) how to fix it.


  • A Women’s Way: Empowering Female Financial Advisors to Authentically Lead and Flourish in a Man’s World

Women financial advisors are in short supply but high demand.  What do women advisors have to say about the issue? What have they experienced from co-workers, clients, COIs and the community? Would they recommend that other women become financial advisors? Join Michelle and Patty as they share intriguing insight and findings from their work and interviews with women financial advisors. There’s A Women’s Way™ in the financial profession that cannot be dismissed.


  • I’m Out Of Control Before My First Cup Of Coffee

You have 24 hours in your day, just like every other financial advisor, but does it feel like you only have 19? So how do you get the most out of your 24 without feeling like you are spinning your wheels? If you have ever set goals and identified your vision, you know these are essential steps. This session helps you take a closer look at your life so you can successfully manage your time and attention. Learn to take control of your own time or someone else will!


  • We Have To Stop Meeting Like This

Are you tired of meeting after meeting and feeling like little is accomplished?  The cost of meetings is astronomical and it seriously impacts your firm’s bottom line. In this session, we will discuss issues that plague many meetings every day, like no follow through, nothing is resolved, not arriving on time, boring meetings, not ending or starting on time, no-showsTo make your meetings effective and worthwhile, this program is a must! (A one-hour program that starts and ends on time!)

Contact us or give us a call at 412.352.2888 to UNCORK the possibilities!