We coach financial advisors to success through productivity.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • I’m tired of clients telling me how much they love me but never refer me.
  • I’m uncomfortable asking for referrals. I never know what to say.
  • I’m frustrated with my COIs. They never refer me as much as I refer them.
  • I am overwhelmed. My head is swirling with too many priorities.
  • I get buried before my first cup of coffee. I never get anything done.
  • I have so many distractions in my day, it drives me crazy!

We understand and we know how to fix it. Here at Productivity Uncorked, we coach financial advisors like you to make more money. We take your productivity pretty seriously.

If you are a successful financial advisor that wants more client and COI referrals, more AUM, more focus, more control of your life and practice and more productivity in your day, then it’s time for you to UNCORK your productivity and stop holding yourself back.

The CEO of the company Simpliflying tried an experiment- the company decided to force its employees to go on vacation. In fact, if they even contacted the office while on vacation they would not get paid for vacation time. What they discovered was encouraging. After the vacation, creativity surged 33%, happiness went up 25%, and productivity increased by 13%.  -Psychology Today, June 10th, 2019

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Financial Advisor Coach
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A Woman’s Way speaks to me in a voice I’ve never heard before. The words and message validate what I have done right (and not so right) over the years. It helps ensure that by simply being part of a bigger and more focused global community of female advisors, I can succeed on a level that brings a lot of dreams and wishes to fruition in my lifetime. I love, love, love it!”

 —Leanne Fenton, CRPC, APMA

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Being unproductive is frustrating and feels bad, especially when you know that you can do better. We help you to create effective and intuitive systems that work for and with you. 

Together we will fix your referral productivity issues and create a referral strategy that leverages your relationships. Together we will develop the support mechanisms to maximize your daily productivity, creating your new normal.

It’s all possible.  That’s what we do all day, every day. We know productivity in the world of wealth management. We UNCORK productivity for financial advisors and team managers every day through coaching, speaking, relationship assessments and our books.

If you’re ready to UNCORK your full potential, we’re ready to make it happen! Contact us or give us a call at 412.352.2888 to learn more.





”I met Patty and Michelle at a firm event in which they spoke passionately about helping female advisors in this still male dominated industry. I was nine years into my career, making a decent living, loving what I do, but still knowing my practice wasn’t where I wanted it. I loved my firm, my newly built office and most importantly I loved my clients. The piece that was missing when I met the women of Productivity Uncorked — I didn’t love (and believe in) me! A couple weeks later, I set a phone appointment with Patty and made the investment in me! Yes, it was an investment, but cost is only present in the absence of value!” Read more

“Working with Patty and Michelle has revolutionized my business.  A year and a half into my coaching relationship, my revenue has increased by 40%, I have a full time business partner and a solid plan for taking my business to the next level.  I have implemented fees for my time and no longer give my hard-earned knowledge and experience away.  In addition, my confidence in working with centers of influence has increased exponentially and best of all, my clients can tell the difference!  I could not more highly recommend these ladies as business coaches. They are resourceful, professional and friendly. But best of all, they know how to help you get the results you are after!”

“As a young advisor, I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Productivity Uncorked. The calls with Michelle and Patty are just amazing! I am in my second year with them and I’m still learning so much. Michelle has raised my confidence with asking for the business and has helped me to be a lot more focused. She has given me great language and guidance to help me begin to contribute to my firm by bringing in more than 4 Million in assets with several new clients. After speaking with Patty, my productivity did a total 180! I look forward to a long relationship with Productivity Uncorked.”

“I am the happiest and most focused that I have been in years. I’ve belonged to a diving group for five years and have developed many great friendships from around the country. I’ve never quite known how to talk about what I do to this group of people. Michelle helped me with the language I needed to talk about what I do and with the confidence to put myself out there. Because of following Michelle’s advice, I came home from my last dive trip with a 2.5 million dollar prospect.”

“You two are amazing women! We celebrate women like you today on International Women’s Day. The positive energy you both had at the Women of Wealth Management Happy Hour last night was so contagious! That event was awesome. I can’t tell you enough how much I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I met some great connections! I am so grateful to have been there and cannot wait for the next one in June!”

”I’m much more in control! Before I started coaching with Michelle and Patty at Productivity Uncorked, I was out of control, not making the money I knew I could and I was having NO fun at work. Through my coaching with Patty, I was able to take back control of my time, my calendar, and my life so that I could strategically grow my practice. This newfound control teed me up to work with Michelle so that I could focus on the relationships that I have and focus on reciprocal growth.” Read more

“Michelle taught me how to leverage my relationships more effectively for better referrals. Because of her coaching, I have had a stellar year, surpassing my financial goals and even setting a personal best record for my performance. In our first year of working together, my revenue increased by 20% and I increased my client referrals by 50%. In our second year, I nearly doubled the previous year in 8 months! For the first time in my career, I reached MVP status.” Read More

“I worked with Michelle and Patty throughout all of 2014. The company goal for me was 10 million for AUM when we began. I ended the year with $20 million and will be continuing my coaching with them for 2015. Michelle helped me to solidify my relationships with specific COIs and Patty was instrumental with helping me to get organized so I could continue to bring on new business.” Read more

“I increased my revenue by 130% as a result of working with Michelle and Patty!”

“After years of working closely with Michelle, I can tell you we really knew very little about getting referrals back then. We have since learned there is a difference between getting a referral and getting the right referral. We have learned how to effectively and strategically lead our relationships to generate consistent referrals. The growth of our firm has proven that Michelle’s system works! With her help, we have grown an average of 14% per year for the last 5 years.” Read more

”I am seeing more steady referrals. Before Michelle and I started working together, I saw 1-2 referrals every 2-3 weeks. Now I’m seeing 3-5 per week! I’m asking more questions, staying top o f mind and closing 85% now. I’m crushing it! It looks like I will be ranked number 2 in the nation in only my first full year!”
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