Prepare Yourself for When COVID19 is Past Us – Adopt an Attitude of Intent

We are knocking on the door of a recession pretty hard right now. COVID19 is testing our stamina in many ways. The question that’s probably crossed your mind a time or two already has been, “What impact will it have on the success of my practice?”  Or a more significant question might be … “What impact will you allow it to have on your practice?”  Now, more than ever, you must adopt an attitude of intent.

An attitude of intent enables you to stay focused on what needs to happen to ensure that your business thrives … yes, thrives, during this recession.  An attitude of intent will separate you from your competition.  An attitude of intent will drive your creativity like it’s never been driven before.  Where there are problems to be solved, there must be creative people and businesses to solve them.

Keeping this in mind, let’s focus your intentions on these two questions.

What can you do now that you haven’t had time to do before being quarantined?

In a way, COVID19 has given you an opportunity. Your role right now is to find it. Ask yourself the question above and really think about your answers. You’ve been given time back into your schedule. Maybe you’re not commuting like you were a month ago. What can you do with that time? Is there a business book that you’ve heard about that could stimulate some creative juices for your practice? Have you been wanting to put more focus on your marketing plan but never allow yourself enough time to really contemplate what you’d like to do or explore marketing firms who could help you excel in that area? Or maybe you’ve had an idea for a book that would give you a channel to share your expertise with a specific niche audience. Be intentional and find your opportunity.

What can you do now to prepare yourself for when COVID19 is past us?

One day, this will all be behind us. But for now, it’s here and you can’t let it beat you down. You’ve got to think ahead and use the time you have NOW to prepare for when COVID19 is past us and things return to normal (whatever our new normal will look like). Adopting an attitude of intent means that you will intentionally be getting ready for business as usual. For example, why not plan regular, consistent communication with your COIs now to offer support, build the friendship, share strategies that are working, brainstorm on the future and maybe plan a collaborative event that you can launch when things are available to us? Be intentional and imagine you’re planning for a great escape! What needs to happen now so that when the gates open, you’re ready to go full steam ahead on all cylinders? Chances are that you’ll be months ahead of your competition and will position yourself as a true leader.

My suggestion is that you write these two questions on a sheet of paper or on the whiteboard in your home office and do some brainstorming. Schedule a call with a team member or colleague to expand your brainstorming beyond your capacity. Next, get intentional and focus in on two things that will become your priority for the month of April. Create a list of any actions or steps that need to happen to accomplish what you’ve selected. Schedule these actions or to-dos into your work calendar to ensure that you actually do them. Share your intentions with a colleague and ask for their help with accountability if you need it. By the end of April, if the quarantine is lifted, you’ll be ready to rock and roll. If this continues to go longer, go back to your brainstormed list and choose the next item to tackle.

Stay healthy, safe and productive!