We were introduced to The Musuneggi Financial Group through a referral source. Upon meeting the founder and principal, Mary Grace Musuneggi, we identified two areas for improvement: the firm was working with many clients who were not their target market, and their networking efforts weren’t fulfilling their potential. After attending one of our seminars, Mary Grace was heard saying, “I wish I had known you when I started this practice. Who knows where I would be now!” Her son Christopher Musuneggi, also an advisor in the firm, remained a skeptic until he attended the same seminar. Christopher now has this to say:

“At first we weren’t sure what Michelle could do for us. Our principal had already built a successful practice, mostly by referral. We believed that we knew what we were doing. After years of working closely with Michelle, I can tell you we really knew very little about getting referrals back then. We have since learned there is a difference between getting a referral and getting the right referral. We have learned how to effectively and strategically lead our relationships to generate consistent referrals. And, the growth of our firm has proven that Michelle’s system works! With her help we have grown an average of 14% per year for the last 5 years.”

To this day, we continue to work with The Musuneggi Financial Group, helping their new advisors start off on the right foot. The firm has since taken a hard look at their client base and realigned it to better serve their target market. As a result, the practice has continued to grow, bringing on new staff and moving into a larger office space. In addition, their Friends Helping Friends client referral program is on fire!