Karen Bostick was introduced to us through a referral source. In meeting with her over lunch, she was very focused on the difficulty in generating quality leads for her business. She did not have a system for asking regularly for client referrals and her COI relationships always seemed to be one sided, with little benefit to her business growth. Karen also admitted that she had not taken a real vacation in years because she hesitated to leave her office for any length of time. After some explanation of our process her interest was piqued, but when making the commitment to be coached, she very directly said, “This had better work!”

After consistently applying our process for three years, here’s what she has to say …

“Michelle taught me how to leverage my relationships more effectively for better referrals. Because of her coaching, I have had a stellar year, surpassing my financial goals nearly every month and even setting a personal best record for my performance. In our first year of working together, my revenue increased by 20% and I increased my client referrals by 50%. In our second year, I nearly doubled the previous year in 8 months! For the first time in my career, I reached MVP status.”

In our third year of working together, Karen decided to transition to an independent practice, where she is continuing to apply the practices learned from Michelle. The following year, she took a trip of a lifetime to Ireland with her mom and sister!