I met Patty and Michelle at a firm event in which they spoke passionately about helping female advisors in this still male dominated industry. I was nine years into my career, making a decent living, loving what I do, but still knowing my practice wasn’t where I wanted it. I loved my firm, my newly built office and most importantly I loved my clients. The piece that was missing when I met the women of Productivity Uncorked — I didn’t love (and believe in) me! A couple weeks later, I set a phone appointment with Patty and made the investment in me! Yes, it was an investment, but cost is only present in the absence of value!

I remember completing the on-boarding questionnaire and cruising right through it, until the FINAL question “How will you measure success in our working together?” To that I responded “I’m not sure how to quantify it, but I will feel successful in our working together by feeling like I’m running my practice instead of it running me!”

So now, let me share the VALUE working with the Productivity Uncorked Team has helped me! I promoted production levels within 2 months of our working together and currently my production has seen a 22% increase year over year. I’m running a consistently profitable practice for the first time ever! My new asset growth is 16% and my pay is up over 23% year over year. Ultimately, my return on investment is 41%. But the best part is, I’m confident, I love where my practice is heading, and I’ve got time to serve a role on the leadership team that completely fulfills my values and my needs.

Please know that from the bottom of my heart I will always value and treasure the two of you more than you’ll ever know!

Anyone thinking about reaching out and working with Patty and Michelle — DO IT! Do it for yourself, your professional practice and your family. I will forever advocate and refer to Productivity Uncorked.