Before I started coaching with Michelle and Patty at Asentiv, I was out of control, not making the money I knew I could and I was having NO fun at work.

Through our coaching with Patty, I was able to take back control of my time, my calendar, and my life so that I could strategically grow my practice.

This newfound control teed me up to work with Michelle so that I could focus on the relationships that I have and focus on reciprocal growth.

From a numbers perspective, my 2015 performance was similar to years past. In 2016 my closed business for the first 6 months matched a normal year’s performance and I had developed a pipeline of new business prospects for the first time ever. My list of prospects should put me on pace to exceed my stretch goal for the year which was 3 times more than my typical annual production. And I see things lining up so that 2017 should be better than 2016.

I now have fun every day! In my personal life, fun for me has been more time for personal things like vacations, working out regularly, and coaching my kid’s teams.

And work is FUN again! I am on top of what I want to achieve, I am seeing success in my efforts to add new business, I am having more frequent and better meetings with clients and centers of influence. I am so much more organized that I have less stress and I no longer worry that I am missing anything.

I can’t thank Michelle and Patty enough for the control and focus they have worked to bring to me.