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ONLY 13% of financial advisors feel in complete control of their time. 

–FPA Reseach

90% of financial advisors do NOT feel in control of their business. 

–Bloomberg Businessweek

Our private coaching experience for managers typically addresses leadership and team productivity.  We help you lead your team more effectively while guiding your financial advisors to produce more. More referrals, more income, more productive communication, more teamwork, more effective leadership and more personal productivity. 


We are selective in who we coach. We look for financial advisor team managers who are coachable, eager to learn new things, willing to be open and honest, and ready to move forward. If this sounds like you and you’re ready to UNCORK your productivity, then please get in touch to schedule a conversation.


Depending on your goals as a team manager, here are some results you can expect:


Leadership/Team Productivity

  • Enhance your relationships with your employees and FAs
  • Deepen your understanding of the needs of your team members
  • Experience communication success and broaden your leadership skills
  • Reduce frustrations & conflicts among employees and FAs
  • Increase your team’s effectiveness
  • Support the needs of your FAs with exceptional coaching skills
  • Learn to capitalize on an individual’s natural strengths


Personal Productivity

  • Complete more tasks in your day
  • Increase your comfort with prioritizing and delegation
  • Quiet your brain clutter for greater focus and concentration
  • Manage your distractions, interruptions and time thieves
  • Balance your work, needs, and values
  • Gain control of your calendar
  • Create productivity systems that fit your style of work
  • Manage and process your email
  • Leverage technology to save time
  • Create internal systems that can be duplicated with ease


Coaching client businesswoman sitting in office

“Trying to build a branded wealth management business without a mentor or coach sometimes led to trying to do too much leading to confusion and nothing important getting done as needed.”

FPA – Research & Practice Institute

As a kid, you may have had coaches in various sports or activities in your life. The thing you liked most about them was that they expected a lot more out of you than you did yourself. They weren’t afraid to tell you what you needed to hear. Without your coach, you’d still be average at best in that sport or activity.


Having a coach now is very similar except the stakes are much higher. You want more.  You want more income. You want more referrals. You want to be promoted. You want a better quality of life but you’re stuck and can’t seem to move the needle.


As trained professional coaches and consultants, we see it and we’re not afraid to bring it out of you and encourage you to run with it…whatever “it” is. We’ll tell it to you like it is. We’ll share our expertise and show you how to become more productive. And then, we’ll hold you accountable to what you want to achieve with laser focus.


Our private coaching is all about you. The experience is organic and becomes highly personalized to your goals and needs. Unlike most coaching programs, you will have access to two powerful productivity coaches…Michelle Donovan, a Referral Productivity Coach and Patty Kreamer, a Life Productivity Coach. Our combined areas of expertise include business relationships, referral development, sales, COI development, advisor marketing and business strategies, leadership, management strategies, attention management, clutter management, email efficiency, time & calendar management, and work/life balance.

Contact us or give us a call at 412.352.2888 to learn more about our private coaching for team managers.