As a productivity coach, Patty guides her clients to take back control of their life and time. She helps financial advisors to develop personalized systems to get more done in less time while clearing the brain clutter that blocks success. She is known for creating efficiency with work space, email, time, and attention. Everyone has a vision of what life was supposed to look like but not everyone has made it happen. Through her work, Patty helps our clients reconnect with what’s most important and go from saying things like “I feel like I’ve missed my kid’s childhood” to “I’ve attended every school play and soccer game for my son and daughter this year.”


Patty is a Productivity Coach and the co-author of A Woman’s Way – Empowering Female Financial Advisors to Authentically Lead and Flourish in a Man’s World, author of But I Might Need It Someday and The Power of Simplicity as well as co-author of Success Simplified with the late Stephen Covey. Patty was named Women’s Business Network’s Woman of the Year, one of Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business and a Pittsburgh Fastracker.


As a nationally sought-after speaker, Patty is passionate, dynamic, and engaging. She is best known for her high energy, sense of humor, real-life success stories, and practical, useful information.  Her edutainment style is a crowd-pleaser often having her return time and time again. She has personally improved the productivity and organization of thousands of lives through her written words, coaching and speaking.


As a kid, Patty would alphabetize her Halloween candy from Almond Joy to Zagnut in shoe boxes. This carried her on to successfully running a professional organizing firm for 15 years. Before that, she was a teaching golf professional in the LPGA.


Fast paced all her life, Patty loved anything that was on wheels…skateboards, her Big Wheel, roller skates, roller blades, scooters, bicycles, unicycles, motorcycles, mini bikes, you name it. Today, you’ll find Patty outdoors on her riding mower, fishing in her kayak, cross country skiing or taking in some fresh air on a long walk.