Hi. At Productivity Uncorked, they call me The Duke of Reggie Von Clydesdale or simply, Reggie for short.


I arrived here in June 2022. My life started out a little rough when the people who first adopted me sent me away after they had a baby. I was scared in that cold cage. Then some nice lady decided to foster me and took me to a huge dairy farm. It was fun there but just as I started to settle in, I got taken away again and found myself here. At first, I was afraid that the nice people here would leave me too. But now I know, I’m here for life. This is where I’m meant to be! And I couldn’t be happier!


Life is great now. And they tell me I have an important job to do. I am the Director of Information and Entertainment. I’m not exactly sure what that means but I seem to be good at it because I get lots of hugs, kisses and treats! I use my nose and eyes a lot and let my office mates know when something is not right outside and inspect every package that gets delivered. I give them all the information I can gather on just about everything. I also have the very important task of keeping everyone in a good mood. So, I do anything I can to create laughter and smiles. Sometimes, I flip a basketball up onto the top of my nose, or gallop around the yard with my toys like a pony (hence my name) or flip my ears inside out just because I can. My “other duties as assigned” include delivering the mail (which I still need to practice) and holding down the fort when everyone goes out (I’m getting really good at that too).


When I’m not on duty, I’m probably busy doing my favorite things like playing in the yard with my basketball or tug toys, watching out the window, sleeping in my comfy bed, figuring out fun puzzles, learning new tricks and eating yummy homemade treats. I’m not sure how I got so lucky, but I’m pretty sure I hit the doggie lottery at Productivity Uncorked!

❤️ 🐾🐾 ❤️