Coaching Concept

As a financial advisor or team manager, have you ever felt stuck on your way to success or reached a plateau that you just can’t seem to get past? Coaching provides the expertise of a trained professional who can hear and see things that you can’t to get you out of your own way.


This is WHY coaching is so valuable. Whether you work alone, with a team or as a whole organization, it’s easier to be at your best when you have an outside support system. Great coaches have a way of bringing more out of you than you ever thought possible.  Just ask an Olympian.


You’re in a high trust relationship business. You can’t afford to not be excellent at developing relationships. That’s why all of our coaching includes the decoder of human behavior…DiSC. It’s our foundation and will soon become yours, too. Oh, and we throw in that “A” word … Accountability to keep you focused.


Private Coaching Client financial advisor on the phone with coach

We value your uniqueness. We also understand how easy it is for adults to let themselves off the hook. 


Productivity Uncorked coaching offers private coaching and it is like having your own fitness coach in your home. You get individual attention, you work out harder than you ever would on your own and you achieve greater results that you ever thought you could. Together, we leverage your personal strengths and tackle your barriers and goals to UNCORK your productivity. 


We truly become invested in your goals and work to help you integrate new habits, strategies and specific activities into your daily routines. Read more


Private Coaching Client Team manager on the phone with coach

Managing a team of FAs can sometimes feel like herding cats. No doubt you’re faced with challenging personalities, demands from all angles and plenty of rewarding moments. 


Some days you’re so busy yet still can’t seem to accomplish anything. You’re juggling internal and external relationship dynamics on a daily basis. There’s no one to talk to who really listens, responds with understanding and offers professional insight that’s meaningful and spot on.


Our Productivity Uncorked private coaching for team managers is like having a sounding board that actually speaks to you as well. We listen. We know what you’re up against. We’ll give you unfiltered advice on how to manage the strong personalities on your team to help you reach your goals. Read more


Team Coaching together as a team

If you’ve ever been a parent, you’ve probably experienced a time when you’ve told your kids something and they shrugged it off…only to then have someone else tell them the same thing and all of a sudden it’s golden! Sometimes that outside person can get the message you want them to hear through that tough exterior.


Our Productivity Uncorked coaching team will get your message through to your young advisors. Together we can build the content that we both know they all need to hear. We can engage their need to share and learn from each other while sharing our expertise, knowledge and insight. 


Your young advisors are the future of your firm. Their generational culture will influence the application of technology in your profession. Our generational culture needs to influence their ability to find, develop and maintain quality business relationships. Read more