Young new financial advisor coaching team celebrating

Every day, financial firms are building their teams with young, eager advisors and junior advisors looking to make their mark and catapult their careers. All too often, young advisors have focused heavily on learning the profession and are ill-equipped when it comes to business networking, relationship building, and overall successful productivity habits.


Do you have a group of young advisors who all need to learn how to network effectively, build COI relationships and ask for referrals? Or maybe you have a group of people in your office who all need to sharpen their productivity skills so they can get more done in their day?


We can help! We know that when a team all rows in the same direction, you get more power, generate more speed, and ultimately get to your destination more quickly. Our interactive, educational group financial advisor coaching experience will be customized to fit exactly what you need. Together, two professionally trained productivity coaches…Michelle Donovan, a Referral Productivity Coach and Patty Kreamer, a Life Productivity Coach, will create the content to support the needs of your team. Capitalizing on expert knowledge, the group dynamics, and creative content, this coaching environment provides a solid platform for professional growth. We strive to create a culture of productivity™ in your firm while capitalizing on collaboration and sharing.

 Group Financial Advisor Coaching for New Financial Advisors

Develop their Referral Potential


You’ve just hired the next generation of financial advisors. What worked to generate business 35 years ago is not going to be the same solutions for them. Their ability to build, develop and adapt to strategic relationships is directly proportional to their ability to lead a successful book of business.


Allow us to support your efforts to build a team of future advisors who understand the meaning of being in a relationship profession with our group financial advisor coaching program!


6 MONTH OUTLINE (which can be modified as needed)


  • Assess your referability & set your development goals
  • Understand how your network perceives you & its impact on your referability
  • Increase your effectiveness with internal and external relationships
  • Clarify your message so other people understand you and your goals
  • Uncover buried referral sources in your network
  • Evaluate your best referral relationships
  • Learn how to bring enormous value to your network & trigger reciprocity
  • Design referral tools to help your network successfully refer you better prospects
  • Teach others how to refer you effectively
  • Ask clients for referrals using proven, comfortable strategies & shift your paradigm
  • Create language to raise the quality of your referrals
  • Personalize a referral tracking system to heighten your focus on results


Details include:


  • Group size minimum of 4
  • Two 1-hour group phone calls per month
  • Online relationship assessment per person

Contact us or give us a call at 412.352.2888 to learn more about our team coaching.