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Need a fresh topic for your next team meeting, complex meeting, broker dealer conference, regional meeting, or national conference that not only strikes a chord but leaves the audience motivated, entertained and inspired to be better versions of themselves?


We will customize our speaking topics on productivity and referrals to fit exactly what you need. We can design our material into a keynote, workshop or webinar. And, we actually deliver the content we agree upon without hardcore selling from the platform. 

Patty speaking at NAPFA

Productivity is on the mind of every advisor. You want more. You struggle to get it. And it shows up in every corner of your life. This common thread for advisors makes for a vibrant topic that can be molded to cover referral productivity through getting more out of your day.


Check out some of our most popular sessions below for speaking topics on productivity and referrals. Let us know what resonates with you and we’ll UNCORK the possibilities! 

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    We can customize a program or series of programs to meet the needs of your agenda. Just ask and we’ll deliver!



    STOP Self-Sabotaging Your Practice!

    Self-sabotaging your practice means that you are in some way performing destructive or obstructive actions that are negatively impacting the growth and development of your business.  Imagine if you became aware of these self-sabotaging actions and behaviors?  Would you still do them?  This session addresses your practice from two sides: referral development and productivity. Michelle and Patty, 2 experts who work exclusively with financial advisors, will reveal 3 ways you sabotage yourself from getting more referrals and the 3 ways you sabotage yourself from getting more done.


    • STOP Self-Sabotaging Your Referral Process!

    Did you know that 80% of financial advisors have no real referral strategy?  When you have no strategy you end up shooting from the hip. That results in self-sabotaging your referral process without even knowing it.  This session addresses five destructive or obstructive actions that are negatively impacting your ability to get more referrals. It’s time to get out of your own way.


    • Put an End to One-Sided COI Relationships

    Are you tired of investing time, energy and money into centers of influence that are only one-sided? We know why this happens and more importantly how to fix it. In this session, you’ll learn what needs to happen between you and your COIs to get on track for a solid reciprocal relationship. You’ll take home a proactive referral process that hungry COIs can’t resist. This session will strengthen your COI relationships and improve your referability.


    • My Clients Love Me, So Why Don’t They Refer Me?

    As a successful financial advisor, you probably have loads of clients who love you. That’s great! But how many of those wonderful clients actually refer you? In this session, you’ll uncover the pattern that causes this stalemate. You’ll learn which clients are the best to ask for referrals and discover the secret to perfectly timing your “ask” for referrals with just the right language.


    • Are There Really Riches in the Niches?

    The answer is yes. Niches change everything from your word of mouth messages to who you spend your time with as COIs. Niches bring focus, separate you from your competition and enable you to leverage and further build your expertise. The Law of Attraction fundamentally supports the concept of niches which brings more profitability with less effort. Learn from someone who has successfully developed a niche and experience the impact a niche has on a firm to help you determine if having a niche is right for you.


    • Stand Out And Do What Others Don’t Do To Succeed

    Networking got you down? Tired of not getting what you want from networking? Only 29% of the population is doing what’s necessary to be exceptionally successful at networking.  Discover what you can do to get into that 29% and more importantly stay there! This session highlights Michelle’s Wall Street Journal Best Selling Book, The 29% Solution.



    • Mentoring Millennial Advisors

    Statistics show that the financial planning industry is aging while there is a talent shortage of young people coming into the industry. One major contributor to the problem is that millennials are not being drawn to the profession of financial planning for multiple reasons, one of which is a lack of creative mentorship. In this session, we’ll explore what millennials want from the workplace and their mentors. We’ll also highlight three creative forms of mentoring that appeal to millennials that financial firms can easily integrate.


    • HELP! I’m Out Of Control Before My First Cup Of Coffee

    Managing your day…we all seek to do that at work and at home but it gets away from us the minute we get out of bed in the morning. Being efficient and organized are a big part of staying in control. We have the tools to succeed but because life moves so fast, we don’t have time to employ them properly or even at all. This session will have you “pause” long enough to discover what it is that you want and don’t want in your life and how to make that happen. With clarity and a plan, managing your time and life is possible.


    • In Search of Work/Life Balance: Yes, you can find it (and live a peaceful life)

    While some say there is no such thing as life balance, countless people still seek it. Balance is a funny thing – it’s a state you can achieve for a bit (a minute, maybe a few days, or even a week), but staying there for any sustained period of time seems virtually impossible. Discover your secret to balance by being keenly aware of what balance looks like to you so you can create a plan for when life gets crazy and knocks you out of balance again. And you will be knocked out of balance over and over again, guaranteed.  This makes maintaining balance just as important as achieving it.


    • STOP Self-Sabotaging Your Productivity

    Only 13% of financial advisors feels in complete control of their time. That means a 87% of advisors feel like they are living in a whirlwind! The truth is, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to living our lives. We sabotage our ability to be productive by running through life, never taking time to figure out how we’d like to LIVE our life. We do things that prevent us from being as efficient, effective and most importantly, HAPPY as we possibly can be. This session specifically addresses how you sabotage yourself from living the life you desire and (angel’s singing) how to fix it. You’ll discover the right steps to take to get out of your own way and live the life you always dreamed of.


    • But I Might Need It Some Day

    Imagine being able to find things when you need them…not 3 weeks later. Being disorganized can cost you a lot of money and we all know that disorganization is emotionally draining and causes stress, delays, frustration, and, of course, loss of time and money. If you’ve been miserable because clutter and chaos are ruling your life, this session is for you. Patty’s program offers simple, practical solutions on how to organize your life and WIN the clutter battle once and for all! Increase your bottom line and morale and decrease the stress and frustration of disorganization. You have nothing to lose but the clutter!


    • We Have To Stop Meeting Like This

    Are you tired of meeting after meeting and feeling like little is accomplished?  The cost of meetings is astronomical and it seriously impacts your firm’s bottom line. In this session, we will discuss issues that plague many meetings every day, like no follow through, nothing is resolved, not arriving on time, boring meetings, not ending or starting on time, no-shows. To make your meetings effective and worthwhile, this program is a must! (A one-hour program that starts and ends on time!)


    • How to Be a Trusted Ally to Female Advisors

    This program is especially for wholesalers, broker dealers and RIAs who wish to serve female financial advisors more effectively and mindfully.

    Building a stronger connection with female financial advisors begins with deeper understanding. To serve as a foundation, this session will first bring to life the reality that female financial advisors face every day, both internally and externally in a male dominated profession. From there we will discuss the responsibility that comes with being an ally to women and introduce you to numerous examples of how you can become a valuable resource for the female advisors you serve and wish to serve. If you truly want to be an ally for women in wealth management and want women to see that you ‘get it’, this session can’t be overlooked.


    • A Women’s Way: Empowering Female Financial Advisors to Authentically Lead and Flourish in a Man’s World

    Women financial advisors are in short supply but high demand. This session is designed to support female financial advisors as they navigate the male dominated profession of wealth management. By tapping into the authentic, natural qualities of women, Michelle and Patty offer creative solutions for overcoming known internal barriers that challenge many female advisors. The results are enhanced productivity methods that foster greater personal freedom and creative referral resources that generate reciprocity and align with relationship integrity. Women will feel empowered to build their practice THEIR way … A Woman’s Way.


    • A Woman’s Way…Great for Business!

    Male and female advisors say their two biggest stressors are time management and business development. Time evaporates before you know it and calendars get out of control. Clients never refer as much as you’d like and COIs tend to be very one-sided. This session brings to life the productivity and referral strategies that made A Woman’s Way an Amazon Best-Seller. Men and women alike will learn how to get more done in their day and leverage proven referral tactics to enhance COI relationships and trigger more client referrals.


    • I’m OK, You’re a Complete Mystery! How to build a culture of productive relationships*

    Incredibly, 20-40% of people you meet are not comfortable with you and another 15% don’t really like you at all. What’s WRONG with these people? Actually, nothing. In this session, you’ll discover the owner’s manual for human beings…DiSC. Surpass the golden rule…you’ll learn the PLATINUM RULE that makes relationship magic happen! The doors to communication will open wide and collaborative relationships will be waiting on the other side.

    *This session can be delivered with or without the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment but it is encouraged for best results. Additional fees apply for each participant assessment. 


    • Using DiSC to Enhance Your Leadership and Productivity*

    Your success is directly proportional to your willingness to apply DiSC and adapt to people every day. Once you have the owner’s manual to human behavior (DiSC), managing your relationships becomes easier. In this session, we will specifically apply DiSC to your relationships with associate advisors and support staff to increase your team’s productivity and effectiveness.

    *This session can be delivered with or without the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment but it is encouraged for best results. Additional fees apply for each participant assessment. 

    Book Patty and/or Michelle to speak at your next national, regional, or area conference or to come to your firm to create a culture of productivity and referrals. 


    Contact us or give us a call at 412.352.2888 to UNCORK the possibilities!