1. Who do you work with?

Our niche is working with financial advisors who want to grow their practice and gain more control of their life and business. They can be independent, RIAs and from the bigger wirehouses.



  1. What do you help them with?

We have a two-coach approach with our clients that focuses on two main elements – Referrals and Productivity.

From the referral point of view, we help our clients to leverage and lead their relationships for more referrals. We work to develop their own verbiage for asking for referrals so that it feels comfortable and natural for them. We develop referral tools to help them educate their COIs, clients and others to refer them effectively. This results in gaining not just more referrals but higher quality referrals.

This growth can really test their productivity systems. That’s where the productivity piece comes in and we help financial advisors take back control of their day. They plan for everyone else but it’s surprising how often they appear to be firefighters on the side, putting out fires all day. They don’t really have a plan to be sure they are accomplishing what they need to get done at the end of the day. Simply put, we fix that.


Our coaching is typically pretty holistic because everything impacts everything else so if you have poor time management or bad habits at work, it usually spills over to home. Many times, we uncover underlying issues that make people feel stuck and work through that to release the issues that are holding them back.



  1. Why do you think what you do is needed?

For many advisors, referrals are the life blood of their business development strategy. Knowing this, most advisors still don’t have a systematic or well-developed referral process. Advisors come to us frustrated that their clients are not referring them as much as they think they should be. They are frustrated with one sided COI relationships. They have internal barriers that block their referral process (not asking for referrals, lack of confidence, and internal beliefs about selling).

Life as a financial advisor can be pretty demanding, especially if you don’t have anyone to assist you. This can seriously impact productivity. The thing that we bring is FOCUS. When you pay attention to something that is not working, you can easily recognize the issue and begin to correct it. Our most engaged clients seek more time and freedom in their life and what we do delivers that in spades!

  1. What are your goals professionally?

We want to make an impact on the number of female financial advisors attracted, supported, trained and retained in the financial industry. The numbers have been unchanged at 16% women in the field for the past 12-15 years. That needs to change and we want to be a part of that revolution.Our goal is to become known as THE place especially for female financial advisors to find the support they need to grow their practice and develop the skills necessary to align their work and life.




  1. What is the next thing people can look for from you?

Our new Amazon Best-Seller book is out … A Woman’s Way: Empowering Female Financial Advisors to Authentically Lead and Flourish in a Man’s World! The next thing will be how this book impacts the financial industry as we share its message on the multiple speaking platforms around the industry. Look for us at your next conference or regional meeting!

We’ve taken our book, A Woman’s Way, and created a 12-session program called A Woman’s Way to a Thriving Practice that walks women through the book to not only read it but to implement and live it! This phone series will  put into action that which is needed to succeed!



What is something no one knows about you?

Patty: I was a teaching golf pro in the LPGA for 4 years.

Michelle: I have been in the Guinness Book of World Records twice! Both times it was for being part of a “flotilla”.



  1. What is the one thing you always give away, that one thing you recommend most?

From Patty: Clutter is nothing more than unmade decisions…whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, people, or time clutter. You have choices to make and until you do, you will have clutter.

From Michelle: I constantly tell people they need to lead their relationships. If they don’t like what’s happening between them and another person, I recommend that they accept responsibility and lead the relationship. They can’t sit around and wait and hope for the other person to do something different. If they have influence, they should act.



  1. What is your idea of success?

Patty: Freedom. Creating a lifestyle business that allows me to fit my business into my life and not cram my life into my business.

Michelle: Success to me is financial serenity and the freedom associated with having your own business.



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