Karlie is our Chief Security Officer. Affectionately referred to as, “Karlie Marbles”.

She came to us from an animal rescue shelter in Ohio. She is part Australian Shepherd and part Golden Retriever (we think).

In a nutshell, she’s highly intelligent. In her younger days, she would learn a new trick in just a few hours.

Karlie is quite serious about her role and even though she is beginning to lose her hearing, nothing gets by her. Her favorite past time is staring out the window watching for anything that appears to threaten her territory. The tone of her bark will tell you if it’s friend or foe, mail truck or UPS, rabbit or cat. We actually don’t need a clock in the office because Karlie will let us know when it’s 4 o’clock.

Her favorite toy is her green ball that gets filled with treats (she loves any puzzle that needs to be solved). Her favorite game is hide and seek. Her favorite daily task is to deliver the mail to Patty. Karlie is always willing to help and will greet every visitor with a toy in her mouth.

Her DiSC profile is DC. She is very direct, sometimes a little pushy and is not shy when it comes to telling you what she wants. She’s a valuable addition to our team, keeping us safe, secure and entertained every day.