See your referral process like you’ve never seen it before.

80% of financial advisors have no referral strategy or if they do, it’s unfocused and inconsistent.

     – A Horsesmouth Study

So what does SWOT stand for?

    Take a close look at what your firm is doing right in order to access more referrals.You want to build on what’s working.
    Uncover the referral weak zones or gaps preventing your firm from maximizing referral results.
    Reveal referral opportunities that have not been leveraged well, tapped into or may not even be on your radar at all.
    Identify areas that could sabotage your firm’s referral efforts and keep you from moving ahead.

When is the last time you looked at your referral process from a 360-degree perspective?

The Referral SWOT Analysis is a comprehensive referral assessment and consultation that will help you uncover referral issues you may be ignoring. You might not even be aware of their direct impact on your success!


To get the quality of referrals you want, first you need to:

  • Identify your internal referral STRENGTHS.
  • Take note of your internal referral WEAKNESSES.
  • Reveal your external referral OPPORTUNITIES.
  • Uncover your external referral THREATS.

This much needed insight will prepare you to make strategic decisions regarding your business development efforts and align your resources appropriately to achieve your goals.


Referral SWOT Analysis™ Includes:

  • 36 thought-provoking questions for you to answer
  • 30-minute follow-up consultation with expert Referral Coach, Michelle Donovan
  • One-page written analysis to identify your top three areas that need attention


***Special introductory offer***


(Reg. $199 )

If referrals are so important to you, why leave them to chance?

Answer the 36 thought-provoking questions, submit your responses and schedule a 30-minutes call with Michelle Donovan, our Referral Coach who specializes in coaching financial advisors.

Get your SWOT together!

It’s time to stop saying you’re going to focus on referrals and do it now!  As a financial advisor, you are in a relationship business and knowing how to manage and grow your relationships won’t happen by itself.

YES, you can have a simple, repeatable referral plan in place but you have to take the first step. The Referral SWOT Analysis™ is that step.