Tucker is our Chief Happiness Officer. Affectionately referred to as, “T-Ball” of “Mr. T”.

He came to us from the same animal rescue shelter in Ohio as Karlie. He is a Belgian Melanois mixed with who knows what else. He is one happy, easy going boy and warms the heart of anyone who meets him.

At the age of four, Tucker lost his sight in one day due to a rare auto-immune disease that nearly took his life as well. After adjusting to his new normal, he began to realize that life still had much to offer him. He continues to love (I mean LOVE) being outside! He plays fetch, enjoys a long walk, and sleeping in the sunshine filled grass. Tucker also loves to go to work. He is an office dog through and through.

Tucker’s favorite treats are carrots. Due to his condition, he can’t have traditional dog treats, but he can have carrots and his nose knows when the carrot bag has been opened. His favorite toy is a white stuffed dog that he roughs up when he’s really happy. Tucker’s favorite past time is sunbathing on the deck. He gets quite a tan in the summer.

His DiSC profile is an “S” because he doesn’t feel settled until his pack is all accounted for. He forms deep relationships with people and has just a few special dogs that he calls friends. He is a simple boy with simple needs.

We are blessed to have Tucker on our team and have learned a great deal from him.