1/17/09 – 4/30/22

Tucker was always a follower and true to form, he followed his loving sister, Karlie, over the Rainbow Bridge one day shy of 7 weeks after she made her journey. He passed away from a cancerous tumor that was pressing on his stomach making it impossible for him to eat. He was a little over 13 years old.


Tucker served as our Chief Happiness Officer. His nicknames included “T-Ball”, “Mr. T” or "Handsome", “Gilbert Grape” (don’t ask).


He came to us from the same animal rescue shelter in Ohio as Karlie. He was a Belgian Malinois mixed with who knows what else. He was one happy, easy-going boy who warmed the heart of anyone who met him. To know Tucker was to love Tucker.


At the age of four, Tucker lost his sight in one day due to a rare auto-immune disease that is almost always fatal and it nearly took his life as well. After adjusting to his new normal, he began to realize that life still had much to offer him. He continued to love (I mean LOVE) being outside! He played fetch, enjoyed long walks often leading the way, and worked on his summer tan while sleeping in the sunshine filled grass. Tucker also loved to go to work. He was an office dog through and through.


Tucker’s favorite treats were carrots and plain yogurt. Due to his condition, he couldn’t have traditional dog treats, but he could have carrots and his nose knew the second a carrot bag was opened. His favorite toy was a white stuffed dog that he would rough up when he was really happy. Even though Tucker couldn’t see, it never stopped him from doing anything. He would go up and down stairs, navigate new locations with precision, and continued to master all of his many, many tricks.


His DiSC profile was an “Si” because he never felt settled until his pack was all accounted for and safe. He formed deep relationships with people and in his younger years was the life of the party and a pure social butterfly at the dog park. He was a simple boy with simple needs who loved everything about life. Tucker taught us that life was to be lived fully and that the only limits you have are those you place on yourself.


We are grateful and blessed for every day shared with this beautiful soul. He is missed more than words can ever express.

Rest in peace, special boy.

Until we meet again, Handsome.

❤️ 🐾🐾 ❤️