The Power of Simplicity: Choosing to live your life on purpose


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Patty Kreamer, CPO



Did you ever wonder what it might be like:

  • To have some time to do what you want to do and not what you have to do?
  • To sit down and relax for an hour without feeling guilty because you should be doing something else?
  • To arrive fresh and early for an appointment instead of the usual 15-20 minutes late, spewing out apologies and excuses for your tardiness?
  • To be able to find something the minute you need it and not weeks later after you’ve already gone out and bought a replacement?
  • To welcome unexpected company any time of the day without being embarrassed?
  • To enjoy the activities that you have planned because they stand out rather than blend in with the fast pace of the day?

Finally, here is a book that spells out how to achieve what you have been seeking for years—happy, stress-free, simple living.

Prepare to UNLEASH THE POWER OF SIMPLICITY and live your life on purpose!