Does Fear Keep You from Asking for Referrals?

Does Fear Keep You from Asking for Referrals?

Halloween is just around the corner. You can almost feel it in the air – this mystical holiday tends to test our courage with scary houses, haunted hayrides and dark corn mazes that stretch over acres and acres of corn fields. But that isn’t the only fear this time of year – advisors are also haunted by the dread of asking for referrals.

There’s no doubt that fear will sometimes get in the way of allowing you to have a good time. And, as a financial advisor, fears will sometimes get in the way of allowing you to grow your practice. This fear of asking for referrals is a big one for men and women alike. Many financial advisors we speak to have the fear of asking for referrals. Some fear that clients will leave them if they ask their clients for help. Still other advisors fear that they will appear pushy or salesy.

Referrals are the blood in the veins of your business. You need them and the people referred to you need you. Asking for referrals gets easier when you have the right language and you’re asking the right people. The best people to ask are the best people in your life. These are the people (clients and beyond) who really love you and think you’re amazing. These people are willing to help you in any way they can. But they don’t know you need help … until you ask.

Asking doesn’t need to be hard!

If you’re haunted by this fear, take a minute to write down five names of people who think you’re amazing. Call them up one by one and consider this language to help overcome your fear: “Hi Carol. I was wondering if you could help me. I’m working to grow my practice this year with more people just like you. I’d love to share some information with you about who I’m looking for as clients. Could we get together for coffee?” This is an excellent way to engage your client in your referral process.

Some of us still need that friend to go with us into the corn maze or haunted house to help push us past our fears so we can laugh in the face of them. Do you need a friend (or coach) who can help you past your business fears? Opportunity and growth are on the other side of fear. Are you brave enough to go there?

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