Got Goals for 2021?  

It’s that time of year when we push forward with high hopes for greater things. Many financial advisors will take time to reflect on last year’s goals and strategize for 2021. Many other financial advisors will want to review their goals but they can’t find them because they really haven’t paid much attention to them all year.  Which type are you?

If you’re the one who has strategized and put together goals for 2021, perhaps this article will encourage you consider a new perspective on your goals. If, on the other hand, you can’t find your goals or never write any to begin with, perhaps this article will inspire you rethink why goals are important to your success.

Research has shown that people who write and consistently monitor their goals are generally more successful than those who don’t write their goals. When writing your 2021 goals, I’d like to encourage you to focus on the acronym G.O.A.L. meaning Gather resources, Offer to others, Acquire accountability, and Leverage your network. Let’s take a look at how each one will impact your success.

G = Gather Resources

Writing goals doesn’t stop with the goal itself. Take the extra time to write your action steps for each goal as well (all the steps that you think need to happen to meet that goal). In doing so, consider what resources you will need to meet each goal as well. Do you need to meet specific people to get you closer to your goal? Do you need financial resources? If so, how will you acquire it? Do you need other physical resources, like equipment, staff, or new products?

O = Offer to Others

Goals are not meant to always be one sided. If you take the time to review your goals, I venture to guess that all or most of them are directed right back to you. It’s quite common to write goals around what you want to accomplish or what you hope to gain. I ask that you take the time to write goals that are centered on others in your life as well. How do you plan to help others in 2021? Who will get your attention? Who will you support with your referrals? What value can you bring to those who are important to you and who you rely on?

A = Acquire Accountability

The main reason financial advisors don’t meet their goals is because they are relying on holding themselves accountable. The hard truth is … most can’t hold themselves accountable. They can tell themselves any excuse in the book and they believe it. Make a commitment to yourself to find an accountability partner for your goals. It could be a valued colleague, a mentor, or invest in yourself and hire a coach. The pros do it all the time.

L = Leverage Your Network

Your goals will have a higher chance of being met if you enlist the support and help from your network. Share your goals with all the important people in your life (especially your COIs and clients).  Leverage your relationships to help you meet the people you need to meet and make the connections you need to make to meet your goals. Invest in your network so that they feel compelled to invest in you. Refer to your network so they become motivated to refer to you in return.

Goals for 2021

Your goals are designed to help you stay focused and inspired throughout the year. Using this G.O.A.L. approach will also help you expand your view for your goals while directing your focus on others as well.

Wishing you much successful and a profitable year ahead.