Perfection Hurts

Being a perfectionist. “Demand it of yourself and you’ll always be unsatisfied. Demand it of others and you’ll always be disappointed.”

Many times, the reason a perfectionist is disorganized is that she believes that she can’t get her office to look 100% perfect, so why try?  But wouldn’t it be better to have an 80% organized office than a 100% cluttered office?

If you find yourself in these shoes shaking your head, let go of your perfectionist beliefs for a week and see if your life comes crumbling down. (Hint: it won’t). We challenge you to let things lie where they are without constantly straightening them, return a library book after its due date, hand in a report after your first draft, or organize a room for only one hour and allow yourself to be happy with the results. As recovering perfectionists, we find it liberating to be less-than-perfect.  Let’s face it … life is less than perfect.

Perfection is exhausting.  Ask yourself … will it really matter if what I’m doing isn’t perfect?  Perhaps if you’re a brain surgeon … yes!  Ok, sometimes, you may have to be perfect … but not 24/7.  Imagine how much time you’ll save by letting go of the unnecessary perfection. Give it a try. We believe you’ll be amazed at how much more energy and time you’ll have for the many other more important things in your life.

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