Is Working Long Hours Worth It?

We often hear our clients say that they work 50, 60, 70, 80 (and sometimes even more) hours per week. Is this healthy and productive?

The answer is most likely no. The time that you use to work overtime has to come from somewhere. Many times, we sacrifice family time; but often times, we give up sleep, proper eating, and fun! How healthy is that?  What kind of lifestyle is that for you and your family?  Does your lifestyle mirror the kind of lifestyle you are helping your clients to achieve?  What kind of image does it portray to your clients if they see you not have a life?

Is Working Long Hours Worth It?

In the short run, longer hours can be effective, but if you do it on a regular basis, you may be as little as 50% effective during your regular work time (due to lack of sleep and proper eating) and 50% effective in the extra hours that you stay. Therefore, if you work four extra hours, you may only accomplish the equivalent of two hours of work.  If you were taking better care of yourself, you may not need to work the extra hours at all.  It would make more sense to improve your effectiveness during regular working hours by prioritizing and planning your day, eliminating time-wasters, and being organized.  

How can you improve your productivity in 2020 to enable you to raise the quality of your lifestyle? We suggest you start by taking a look at how you spend your time at work. Are you being as effective as you could be? Do you plan your days? Do you know where things are? If you answered no, track your time for a few days and see where you could find some extra time to plan more effectively. Remember, once those hours are gone … you can never get them back!


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