Let’s Get Intentional!

What does it mean to be intentional? Webster says the definition of intentional is…“done on purpose” or “deliberate”. Likewise, the definition of intention is “an aim or plan”.

We all know that this is the time of year when people make resolutions or write out their goals for the year. Resolutions have a very high percentage of failure especially in the first three months of the year. That’s why when you go to the gym in January it’s chock full of personal resolutions only to find the gym quite empty come April. And as for goals, well to many, the word GOAL might as well be a four letter word (oh, that’s right it is).

So let’s take a different approach to 2018. Let’s get intentional by owning your intentions.

What do you want to do ON PURPOSE this year? Do you want to purposely get more referrals from your clients this year? Or are you satisfied with accidental referrals? If you want to be purposeful then what intentions (or plan) do you need to put into place to make that happen? What specific actions can you purposely do over and over to produce the results? Maybe you want to purposely get more referrals from your COIs. The same thing applies. Who do you intend to receive those referrals from in 2018?

Maybe you want to finally get organized ON PURPOSE.

Maybe you want to niche your client base ON PURPOSE.

Maybe you want to leverage social media ON PURPOSE.

Regardless of your intention you’ll need to be focused, strategic and intentional to have success. It starts with setting your course for the year. If you need support with this don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at 724-206-6076.

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