Your story … your connection

Do you know WHY you became a financial advisor? I mean the really deep reason behind why it’s important to you to help people manage their money, make smart financial decisions and create a secure future. Can you remember the moment you made the choice to pursue this profession? Can you remember a trigger in your life that compelled you to make this choice?

Getting in touch with the internal reason behind WHY you became a financial advisor lays the groundwork upon which your personal story is built. Your personal story belongs only to you. It’s what makes you truly unique. In a world filled with your competition, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what sets you apart from all the others? From there, your personal story builds your emotional connection with your prospects. And not just any prospect … the right prospect. When the people you are seeking are seeking you, magic happens.

Your story holds within it a key. That unique key unlocks all of the doors that prospects put up as a defense mechanism when talking to you about their financial concerns. When you connect on an emotional level with your prospects because they feel as though you “get them”, the doors open and the walls come down.

Let me give you an example …

One of our clients remembers how she struggled through the loss of her husband who handled all of the money decisions in the household. When he passed away, she was left uninformed, uneducated and scared when it came to anything money related. She had no relationship with their financial advisor because her husband used to handle everything. She knew in that moment that she wanted to be the calming agent for women who find themselves in this similar situation. Her path to becoming a financial advisor who specializes in working with women who have lost their husbands lit up like a sidewalk at sunset. When she tells this compelling story to a prospect and connects on this level it becomes evident that the prospect will look no further.

Perhaps it’s time you figure out your story. How can you leverage your story to build this exceptional level of rapport with your prospects?

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